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The loving care we provide is only accentuated by the facility and grounds here at Pacific Pines Manor. If you liked our video tour, you will love us in person. We cordially invite you to personally visit Pacific Pines Manor. Please contact us to schedule an appointment. You will be able to speak with our Executive Director about the care program we can provide your loved one.

Pacific Pines Manor is a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). RCFEs are also known as “Senior Assisted Living” or “Senior Board and Care”. We provide 24-hour care for our residents. Pacific Pines Manor provides the highest quality care, specializing in residents with chronic restrictive health conditions.

Our Executive Director and dedicated staff is what distinguishes our care programs. Our commitment to improving the quality of life of our residents categorizes Pacific Pines Manor as a premiere facility in the Inland Empire.

Pleasant living
awaits you.

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